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National Holidays In Pakistan 2016/2017

In this article we have made a collection of  all the important National Holidays In Pakistan 2016

It comprises of all the religious as well as  nationally assigned holidays for any big event or  any holiday which is assigned to the name of any big personality  of Pakistan .

We will just briefly discuss every holiday with a short explanation so that the readers would understand the reason and cause of that holiday.

So first we will discuss the religious National Holidays In Pakistan 2016 .So following is the list of all the Religious holidays of Pakistan .

 Ashoora 2 National Holidays In Pakistan 2016

Ashoora it is actually the 9th and 10th of the Islamic month of  Muharram according to the Islamic calendar . which is the first month of Islamic calendar . Ashoora  are actually celebrated  in mourn of the Hazrat Imam HASSAN(R.A) amd Hazrat Imam HUSSAIN (R.A) .So on the 9th and 10th of Muharram there is off day in Pakistan .

 Shab-e- Meraj

Shab-e-Meraj is another Great day in the ISMIC calendar .On this day (Night) The GREAT  Prophet HAZTAT MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon him ) had traveled the the skyies  and The Heaven and the Hell. So that’s why  this day is one of the well-known day in thie history of Islam so this day is also Counted in the National Holidays In Pakistan 2016.

 Eid-ul-Azha (Three National holidays in pakistan)

Eid-ul-Azha is one of  the Festival day of Muslims which they celebrate once an year in the month of Zilhajja. On this day Muslims slaughtered the Cows ,goat, buffalos ,camels etc accordingly . I one Cow seven person can take share  and one goat for only one man .and so on .This slaughtering is mandatory  for every Rich, and Adult Muslim .It is not mandatory on poor one.

 Eid-ul –Fitar

is another Religious Festival of Muslims .Which is celebrated directly after the  end ot the month of Ramadhan. There are also about Three National Holidays In Pakistan 2016 for this festival.

 Prophet MUHAMMAD peace be upon him  Birthday

Hazrat MUHAMMAD peace be upon him was born on 12th of Rabio- awwal  month of Islamic calendar .So this day is also celebrated and counted as a National Holidays In Pakistan 2016.

 National Holidays In Pakistan 2016 other than Religious holidays

 Kashmir Day

5th Febaurary   The  kasmir day

23rd Marh  , Pakistan Resolution day

It is also known as a Pakistan Day .Eevery 23rd  of march there is a National Holidays In Pakistan 2016 .

1st May  Yom-e-Mazdoor (labor)

The 1st of May is celebrated as a day of labors . So  on may first  there is holiday in all Pakistan

Independence day of Pakistan

A14th  of August  is the independence day of Pakistan  which is off day in overall Pakistan.

And is it is also counted as a

National Holidays In Pakistan 2016

Iqbal Day

Birthday of  National poet Dr. Allama Iqbal which is 9th of November

 Qaid Azam Day

25th of December  is the birth day of Qaid Azam ,who is known to be the founder of Pakistan.

The above mentioned days are the most dominant and well-known National Holidays In Pakistan 2016.

Maybe there would be some of the others too which is not mentioned here. But the above are the very famous one.

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